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11/16/13 Maxes                                          2014 Fitness Goals
Squat 525lbs                                             Squat 585lbs 1RM
Bench Press 400lbs                                 Bench Press 450lbs
Deadlift 545lbs                                         Deadlift 635lbs 1RM

This is all things that interest me, not just fitness related things
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    After the 400.

    2013 USA Outdoor Championships

    Ebonie Floyd, Monica Hargrove, and Sanya Richards-Ross. USATF

    photo by Jeff Cohen / instagram jeffcohenphoto


    join the crop-top movement!

    Asked by Anonymous


    You got me all the way fucked up if you think I own a damn crop top…tumblr got yall brain washed forreal…niggas in my hood aint cut like that…






    iverbz replied to your post“I’m not feeling this men in crop tops movement tbh”

    blacklisted it

    so did i

    its not for everyone, anyone

    damn y’all suck

    heteronormativity. lowkey unfollowed every dumbass who disliked it and listed stupid reasons #carefreeblackboys continue to post selfies of the crop tops

    i’m curious as to why you felt the need to announce this on my post, as if that affects my life in any way. we don’t even follow each other.

    doubt you gonna see grown men wearing this style

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