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My journey to a Better me
11/16/13 Maxes                                          2014 Fitness Goals
Squat 525lbs                                             Squat 585lbs 1RM
Bench Press 400lbs                                 Bench Press 450lbs
Deadlift 545lbs                                         Deadlift 635lbs 1RM

This is all things that interest me, not just fitness related things
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  • anyone know what the thick inner hamstring muscle is called? 

    i constantly strain it after squat day and i need to figure out some fixes


    Nothing makes me more uncomfortable than someone being uncomfortable with talking about sex. Like if you plan on putting it in me then you sure as hell better be able to discuss what the fuck I want.

    @cam_622 doing some front and back squats yesterday (at NYSC 145th Street)

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